Automatons EP

by Jesse Sarr

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Jesse Sarr’s current EP "Automatons"(ôˈtämətən; -ˌtän) blends his smooth croon and thought-provoking lyrics with mid-tempo, electropop, dance beats. The result is a fiercely passionate and colorfully innovative Top-40 sound.


released July 31, 2012

Written and Produced by Jesse Sarr and Manic Minday



all rights reserved


Jesse Sarr Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: For Ships To Come In
Running with the reindeer.
Dancing in a funhouse mirror.
High in a spaceship,
fueled by the absinthe.

Socrates, Plato -
what did they know?
Fortune teller -
I will cast a spell on her.

Can we ever, will we ever get there?
We're waiting on a horizon for ships to come in:
give us something to believe in again.

Somethings pulsing through me
like electricity.
Constantly we are seeking agony
and ecstasy.

Covert mission.
Praying wishing.
Running wild.
Gunning down my childhood fears.
Track Name: Down
Boy you aint good for nothin'
why you talkin', why you frontin'
like you got something going on right here?
It's an uphill battle, y
ou're not getting anywhere
probably never will
what a mad, mad world

All these voices in my head
keep telling me I'm better off dead.
What do they know?
What do they know?
Fuck 'em I don't need 'em anyway

Blow my ego up
Let a better me show up
Got the devil on my shoulder
but i don't want him there.
He keeps talkin' me down, talkin' me down.

Oh the sky is falling
I'm caught up in the surgeon general's warning
I hope I'm not under and overpass
When the big one strikes

On and On and all day long these tapes play
while they naysay "don't quit your day-to-day"
Patterns gonna break, oh the will that it will take
But I'm gonna do it

Every cell, nerve, tissue, muscle and bone
Is trying to make it's way home.
Track Name: Headache
Goddamn bloody hell, ping pong back and fourth, you and I are we ever going anywhere?
Flatline, revive, look alive for the good of our image and everybody in here.
I said sorry too many times you said sorry too many times.
Does it mean anything when we are stuck on repeat?

And will you let me go if I let you go? What are we doing anymore do we even know? The pain eclipses the pleasure.
Its a headache after a heartbreak and I dont know how much more I can take. No amount of medicine or tourniquet is ever gonna fix it.

Go to dinner, come over, watch a movie, smoke a joint on the sofa. Next minute theres a glitch in the system and I'm not kiddin - I dont even know ya.
You said sorry too many times, I said sorry too many times. Does it mean anything when we are stuck on repeat.

Are we prolonging the inevitable?
We need to release this chokehold.
Track Name: To The Rooftop
I love when we get like this
It's something I can't resist
Insist on living adventurous or
go piss in the wind and mind your business.
Unpretentious like fishes
swimming in oceans of wishes
givin' 'em miles not inches
letting go of inhibitions

Summertime is the time we like to shine
Turn the music on and pour a glass of red wine
I feel just fine but I'm about to feel better
It's the perfect weather for a breath of fresh air.

To the rooftop let's light it up
I know that you believe in good luck.
Like a four-leaf clover,
Feel the euphoria taking over everybody.

Festivities in cities have been going strong for centuries
No mystery just history my friends agree.
Felicity comes and takes over chemistry so beautifully.
A rooted tree does not fall so simply.
Believe me it's easy to be free

We're flyin' we're floatin'
the invite is open.
Track Name: River
Dirty money is money.
Hustle up now get that honey.
I do what I have to do to survive.
And then I get down on my knees and say "I'm sorry"
Mercy, mercy me.

I gotta run, run, run, run down to the river
and wash my sins away.
Got to make room for the trouble Imma get into today.

Cocaine. Whiskey.
Officer why don't you get on over here and frisk me
I gotta lot of love for you on my person.
And I've been told that you like it I know you do.

Don't tell me what to do
Don't tell me how to be.
It all seems to be make believe.
Track Name: Fire Boom Boom
This party is whack. Imma have a heart attack if I don't find the right mac daddy to take back to mi casa. Hit the sack and a 24pack like it's crack. I live in a shack I should not be talking smack.

But this is sobering. I can't believe they consider it a scene. Nobody in the room is even moving. Tank tops and skinny jeans, they must be freezing. Let's warm 'em up.

Our bodies are in need now bring the heat to the stereo.
Fire boom boom, fire fire boom boom boom
Follow the beat and move your feet in ways you didn't know you didn't know.
Let it catch on let it spread right through the room.

She's in the corner and I see her shake her shoulders and I see her look over. Should we meet in the middle or say hello before we get a little dirty on the floor?
I normally don't care about everybody else but they're frozen stiff and they need your help DJ save them. Get their blood flowing. Warm 'em up, warm 'em up.

Let it spread right through the room.
Let it spread right through the room.
Watch it catch on like a good song dancing all night long fire fire boom boom boom.